Action Agenda

Building a Soft Cadre of Visiting / Adjunct Professionals

NTA will network with expert professionals in the field of testing from India as well as abroad. All these professionals will be visiting and training NTA staff. These professionals will also oversee some of the operations of NTA and will be able to guide NTA so as to ramp up at the international level. These visitors can be designated as Adjunct or Visiting professional. If the visit is less than a week or so, the person will be designated as Adjunct professional. If the visit is for duration of a month or more, the visitor will be designated as Visiting Professional.
Even though all visiting and adjunct positions will be with the individuals concerned, the approval will be sought from organizations to which these professional belong. In fact, NTA will network with some university centres or groups around the world who have expertise in testing. NTA will also network with organizations similar to ETS who have experience in the field of testing. Finally, NTA will also become a member of the professional body like ATP (Association of Test Publishers).